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Q. What are message boards and how do I use them?

Message boards are another great way to connect and interact with other members while you get informed, share your thoughts and opinions and learn what other members have to say.

We have numerous message boards, with everything from relationships and dating to culture and entertainment.

Each board contains topics on a common theme. For instance, the Entertainment board may include topics discussing books, TV shows, music, plays, your favorite star's dating habits, etc.

To get started, just pick a board, find a topic and join the conversation. You can also browse around and read some topics and replies to see what people are discussing. When you feel inspired, you can even start your own topic.

Only Premium Members have full access to the boards and can post topics or replies, but all members can access the first page of replies on any board and can use Topic Watch.

Not yet a Premium Member? Subscribe today at our low monthly rate and then have access to all boards and the ability to jump into any conversation.

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Q. What are message boards and how do I use them?