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Making a Wish List for the New Year

What are you looking for?

Now that you have your stellar profile and photos up on the site, it’s time to dive in and start finding the people that interest you. Do you know exactly what you’re looking for?

We suggest coming up with an actual wish list and putting it on paper to make it more clear and real. If what you fancy changes, you can always make a new list.

When you’re done, you’ll have more insight into yourself and your ideal mate.

Making Your Wish List

  1. Find a nice, comfortable place where you can think without being interrupted. Sit down, grab a piece of paper and get ready to write.
  2. Write down the kind of relationship you want. Be as specific as possible. For example:
    • I want to meet my soul mate.
    • I want to meet someone to marry and have a family with.
    • I want to meet someone for a serious, long-term relationship.
    • I want to meet a bunch of people to date.
    • I want to meet someone nice to date.
    • I want to meet a pen pal who will email with me regularly.
    • I want a best friend who I can be totally myself with.
  3. Write down your must-haves: the qualities your match must have to make the relationship work. For example:
    • Loves kids
    • Has good manners
    • Has a good relationship with parents
    • Funny
    • Outgoing
  4. Write down your "would-be-greats": the qualities it would be great if your match had, but that wouldn't make-or-break the deal. Think frivolous!
    • Taller than me, preferably 6 feet +
    • Gorgeous
    • Likes to sail
    • Organized
    • Likes basketball
  5. Read your list often to keep focused on the goal and keep it in mind when you're searching for locals on the site. Then be surprised at how easily love appears when you're open-minded and contacting people you think you'll connect with.

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