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A Picture is Worth 1000 Dates

People like to talk to people they can see, so the more photos you have up, the more comfortable people will be emailing to you. In fact, most members only search for and write to people with photos, and that's why members with photos get 8 times more emails!Make it happen

3 Easy Steps to Great Photos

Quick Tip Try out different photos to see which ones get the best response from people that interest you.
  1. Pick your photos. Your photos should show more than just what you look like -- they should communicate your personality and the things that you love about your life! Ideally, a life that someone would want to be a part of.

    What should you show? Think fun, happy, warm, interesting, smiles... and think about the things that you love about your life (skiing, painting, traveling, playing with your dog, etc.).

    The first photo should be a headshot and the others can be more creative. Just remember to make them clear, recent and in-focus!

  2. Submit your photos to the site.

  3. Keep your photos current - It's the easiest way to get more attention and catch the eye of local members.

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out of focus poor cropping too far too dark photo with ex