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Q. How do I hide my profile?

Members who are most active on the site keep their profile visible in all places because it increases their chances of connecting with people.

If you don't want your profile to show up in Members Online, Hot Lists or Search, you can go to Show/Hide Profile in Member Services and hide your profile. You will still be able to use the site and browse through members anonymously. Just remember, someone special may be looking for you and will never get to find you if your profile is hidden.

If you would like to take a break from online personals, you may remove your profile by selecting Suspend Membership in Member Services. When you are ready to reactivate your profile, simply log in and click Unsuspend. Please note that a suspended Subscription Membership does not put your subscription on hold until you reactivate. For example, if you selected a three-month membership plan, your subscription expires three months from your signup date even if your membership is suspended for any portion of that time. Please note that your membership will be automatically renewed if you do not cancel it before the conclusion of the term.

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