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Your Newsfeed

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Q. What is the Newsfeed feature?

If you’re a busy dater, tracking your online activity can get overwhelming. But, with’s newest feature – Newsfeed – we keep track of all that activity for you in one convenient location. If someone looks at your profile, we’ll let you know. If someone sends you a Flirt, we’ll let you know. In Your Newsfeed, we’ll notify you of any announcements and profile suggestions, in addition to activity on your profile, such as messages sent to you or profile views. We track the latest news so you don’t have to.

Just click on the “Newsfeed” icon or link on the right side of the top navigation bar. You’ll see your notifications and can click to view profiles or new messages directly from Your Newsfeed. Whenever there is a new notification, an indicator will appear on Your Newsfeed icon showing you the number of new notifications since you last viewed Your Newsfeed. Once you’ve read your new notifications, the number will reset to zero. This way you will always know when there is new news for you

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